Seeing Like Jesus

July 23, 2017

Diana Peña leads us once again in an empowering message on how to see the world and be the light to others like Jesus!


Who Is Your Jesus?

July 16, 2017

Our Worship Leader, Diana Peña, brings an encouraging word teaching us to take hold of Jesus and grow closer to Him today.


Facing Your Future by Faith

July 9, 2017

Uncertainty can sometimes make us fearful and worried. Pastor Rod shows us how planning for the future is laid out for us in God's Word!


Balancing Faith & Work

July 2, 2017

Many times we can become worn out and exhausted from working to sustain our homes. Pastor Rod shows us how we can break free from weariness and find balance through Jesus.


How to Get Your Treasure to Heaven

June 25, 2017

What happens to our possesions and treasures when we die? Pastor Rod shows us how we can focus on sending our riches ahead to Heaven.


No Variableness

June 11, 2017

Pastor Tim Barker brings a message of encouragement about holding onto God's faithfulness when variables happen in life.


Miracles still Happen

June 4, 2017

Join us at Hope with guest speaker Donny Granberry as he shares his testimony as well as an empowering message sure to strengthen your faith!


Who is this Jesus?

May 28, 2017

To get to the answers God has for our questions, we need only look at His son, Jesus. Pastor Earl Young delivers an empowering message revealing all who is Jesus.


Living With No Regrets

May 21, 2017

Pastor Peter Young brings a word of encouragement to pursue life free of regret and renewal through Jesus.


Making the Most of Your Life

May 21, 2017

Pastor Rod continues on in our series, teaching us how to cherish and make the most of every moment of our lives.